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Kagyu Buddhism community

Kagyu Buddhism isn’t about centres and groups, but about people.  We are a network of people of all ages and backgrounds who share a common interest in learning about and practising Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.

Through the Dechen community we are linked to similar groups and centres throughout the UK, Europe and the Americas.

In this section we hope to reflect some of that lively and diverse community.  Here you will find photos, blogs and updates about activities and events, past and present, which reflect some of that rich experience from the Kagyu Buddhism community.

First impressions

One of our newer community members, Judy Whitehouse, speaks about her experiences of coming to Kagyu Ling  for the first time.

Appreciating other Buddhist traditions

This September sees one of the Kagyu Ling Centre Co-ordinators, Jonathan MacAskill, visiting Poland as a delegate to the European Buddhist Union annual meeting.  These events are held in a range of locations and this year is being hosted by the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre at Jaktorow.  Jonathan is blogging from the event; read his impressions from Poland.

Jonathan will also be travelling to Sri Lanka in November with Lama Jampa Thaye.  Lama Jampa is the UK delegate to the seventh World Buddhist Summit and Jonathan will be blogging from the visit.

One of our members, John Rowan, helps organise an annual Manchester Buddhist Convention at the University.  This sees Buddhists from across the north west come together for a series of workshops to learn more about one another’s approaches and to practice together.  This year’s event takes place in October and will be reported on this site.

Drawn to art

Some members of our community have decided to study the ancient Himalayan art of Thangka painting.  These are the beautiful hand painted images, usually sewn into satin hangings, that you will see in many Buddhist centres and temples.  The act of painting the Thangka is, in itself, a meditation.  Here, Viera Taylor talks about her first experience of learning Thangka painting from a member of our community, Elliot Ripley.

Summer school

An annual summer school takes place at the Dechen retreat centre, Changlochen, in the Dordogne region of southern France.  This is an opportunity for members of the wider Dechen sangha, whether they follow the Kagyu or Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, to spend a week together listening to Lama Jampa Thaye teach from a Sakya text, followed by a week’s group retreat.  John Sainsbury’s personal account of the 2017 teaching can be read on the Chang Lo Chen summer school page.

Celebration and meditation

Dane Heald, who runs a Kagyu Buddhist meditation group in North Manchester, talks about what makes the group special.  Find more about the celebration in Prestwich.

What makes a garden party?

Visit garden party 2017 to find out what it takes to organise Kagyu Ling’s annual open day for family, friends and neighbours.

An Eid dinner invitation

A member of our community, Kamani Wijeyesekera, talks  about representing Kagyu Ling at Eid dinner celebrations at the Dar-ul-Amaan Mosque in Hulme, Manchester.

Sangha on tourKagyu Buddhism community - Viera, Gill and Sue

Three of our sangha members recently spent three weeks backpacking around the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of northern India.  This might not seem remarkable but Viera, Sue and Gill are all ladies ‘of a certain age’ and not used to roughing it!  Read their blog – Varanasi on Voltarol.

 Kagyu Ling – the early years

72 (2)

Lama Jampa Thaye, Karma Thinley Rinpoche and Angela Brady (Kagyu Ling’s first Co-ordinator) outside the first Centre in Reynard Road, 1977

We’re developing a digital archive for Kagyu Ling.  Our community has grown dramatically since it began over 40 years ago and we thought it would be great to preserve some of that history.  We’ve been based in a number of buildings over the years and have had visits from many Lamas.  We’re hoping to capture the spirit of those times with photographs and other documents.  If anyone can help by letting us have old photographs to scan in (we’ll take care of them and return them asap) we’d very much appreciate it.

If you have any contributions for the archive, please contact us.