Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre, Manchester

Kagyu Ling Buddhist CentreManchester’s first Buddhist centre

Founded in Chorlton in 1975, Kagyu Ling was the first Buddhist centre in Manchester and one of the first Kagyu centres in the UK.

Established by Lama Jampa Thaye, with the encouragement and support of his main teacher Karma Thinley Rinpoche, Kagyu Ling has, for more than 40 years, provided the space for people to learn, study and practise Buddhism.

Kagyu masters

During this time Kagyu Ling has hosted many great Tibetan masters, including the 16th and 17th Karmapas, Shamar Rinpoche, Karma Thinley Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

Alongside major teachings by Lama Jampa Thaye and other renowned teachers, the Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre also has a full programme of events, including introductory evenings, study groups, pujas (group meditations), group retreats and practice days.

Oasis of calm

In 2007, Kagyu Ling moved to its current location at 45 Manor Drive, Chorlton, M21 7QG.  Set in nearly an acre of beautiful gardens, it is an oasis of calm and contemplation in the vibrant city of Manchester. The Kagyu Ling shop  sells books on meditation and Buddhism; incense; statues; ritual items and a wide range of fair trade goods.

Meditation at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre

Meditation classes are held throughout the week at Kagyu Ling. Newcomers are welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

More classes

Buddhist Path Course – starting February 2018

The Buddhist Path Course starts at Kagyu Ling on 3 February 2018 and is suitable for people with a serious interest in Buddhism, or who have taken refuge.  Find more information about the Buddhist Path Course

Learn Tibetan: Lessons in Tibetan for learners, focusing on the alphabet, are held at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre. The lessons take place every Wednesday from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. Please note that the Tibetan class is now in recess and there will be no classes until mid-January 2018.

Mind Training: Mind training (lojong) sessions are held every Thursday from 8pm to 9pm.  Find more information about mind training classes.

Our community

Kagyu Buddhism is about people. Visit our community pages to find photos, blogs and updates.