Mind training classes – Lojong – at Kagyu Ling

The 14th Shamar Rinpoche taught lojong in Manchester in 2014

Transforming our lives through loving kindness and compassion

Thursdays at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre  from 8pm to 9pm.

“Lojong (mind training) is the life force of Dharma practice” Karma Thinley Rinpoche

Introduction to Lojong – 13 September to 25 October 2018

This new seven week course focuses on the sending and taking practice, which is an integral part of Lojong.  The course is based on Jamgon Kongtrul’s Great Path of Awakening.

Part 1: Relative bodhicitta – three sessions (13, 20 and 27  September)
An overview of mind training and an introduction to the relative bodhicitta practice.

Part 2: Guided relative bodhicitta meditation – two sessions (4 and 11 October)
An opportunity to reinforce your sending and taking practice.

Part 3: An introduction to ultimate bodhicitta meditation practice – two sessions (18 and 25 October)
An overview of the ultimate bodhicitta view along with how to meditate on this view.

Eight Verses of Mind Training:  1  November to 20 December 2018

An eight week course of reflections and discussions based on the Eight Verses of Mind Training by Geshe Langri Thangpa.

Each weekly Lojong practice will include a consideration of one of the eight verses and what this means for us in our lives today.

Geshe Langri Thangpa lived in the twelfth century and was one of the most famous of the early masters of the Kadam tradition and holder of the transmission of mind training teachings originally brought to Tibet by Atisha.

Session leaders

Jonathan, John and Simon.

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