Vajrayana practices

Vajrayana practicesRegular Vajrayana practices are held in the shrine room at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre, Manchester.

It is necessary to have received initiation and instruction from a qualified Buddhist teacher to participate in these practices, although people who have taken refuge are welcome to sit in on Chenrezi and 16 Arhat pujas.

Weekly Vajrayana practices

  • Chenrezi – Sundays 10.30am and Thursdays 7.00 pm
  • Dzambhala – Mondays 8.00am
  • Medicine Buddha Wednesdays 12.15pm
  • 16th Karmapa Guru Yoga Wednesdays 7.00pm

Please note that there will be no puja at Kagyu Ling on Sunday 2 December 2018 due to the Shedra teaching.

Monthly Vajrayana practices

December 2018

  • Thursday 6th at 7pm – Long Mahakala
  • Saturday 8th at 4.30pm – Green Tara
  • Monday 17th at 8pm – Guru Rinpoche
  • Saturday 22nd at 4.30pm – Green Tara
  • Saturday 22nd at 6pm – Amitabha

January 2019

  • Friday 4th at 7pm – Long Mahakala
  • Saturday 12th at 10 am – 16 Arhats
  • Wednesday 16th at 8pm – Guru Rinpoche
  • Monday 21st at 8pm – Amitabha
  • Monday 28th at 8pm – Dorje Padmo

February (To be confirmed)

  • Sunday 3rd at 12 noon – Long Mahakala
  • Saturday 9th at 10 am – 16 Arhats
  • Thursday 14th at 8pm – Guru Rinpoche
  • Tuesday 19th at 8pm – Chotrul Duchen (Miracles Day) 16 Arhats

March (To be confirmed)

  • Friday 1st at 8pm – Dorje Padmo
  • Tuesday 5th at 8pm – Long Mahakala
  • Saturday 16th at 10 am – 16 Arhats
  • Saturday 16th at 8pm – Guru Rinpoche
  • Thursday 21st at 8pm – Amitabha
  • Sunday 31st at 12 noon – Dorje Padmo


Regular meditation classes are held at Kagyu Ling and in other locations across the north west.

Mind training

Mind training practice focuses particularly on the development of loving kindness and compassion. Mind training sessions are held at Kagyu Ling on Thursdays.