Buddhism and Modern Times – new book by Lama Jampa

Wisdom in exile - Buddhism and modern times The latest book by Lama Jampa Thaye, “Wisdom in Exile: Buddhism and Modern Times,” explores the space that exists for Buddhism in contemporary culture, a space created by the failure of our dominant systems of thought.

Lama Jampa is the main teacher and founder of Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre, Manchester, and one of the most important western Buddhist masters of our time.

Lama Jampa examines how best the Buddha’s teachings might be understood and practised today, and argues that unless we discriminate between authentic and fake presentations and resist the temptation to assimilate it to contemporary ideologies, the opportunity for it to shape our lives will be lost and Buddhism itself is likely to remain in cultural memory as nothing more than a temporary fad.

As the introduction states: “At the heart of the Buddha’s teachings is the insight that suffering arises primarily from our mistaken ideas about ourselves and the nature of the world. As Buddha pointed out, suffering afflicts all beings and hence is undoubtedly present in all cultures.

“However, maybe our culture is unique in selling the promise of happiness so strongly but delivering only disappointment and bewilderment. According to Buddha, liberation from suffering is always possible, through the transformation of our error into understanding. Thus, despite its ancient origins, Buddhism would seem to be uniquely well-suited to the modern world.”

Wisdom in Exile – Buddhism and Modern Times, published in June 2017, is now on sale in the shop at Kagyu Ling, where many of Lama Jampa’s other books are available.

Lama Jampa visits Kagyu Ling several times each year and carries out a busy programme of teachings and initiations in the UK and around the world.