Help our nuns dig a new well!

Tegchen Lekshey Ling

Tegchen Leckshey Ling

Our network of Kagyu Buddhist groups is part of the Dechen community.  Dechen is unusual among international Buddhist organisations, being based in the West and being made up almost entirely of lay people.  We do, however, have one monastic community in the Katmandu Valley in Nepal.

Tegchen Lekshey Ling is home to a small group of nuns.  It provides a safe, nurturing home and education for a number of young girls from rural areas who would otherwise be living in very difficult circumstances.  It is also home to the 84 year old founder of our community, Karma Thinley Rinpoche.

People rebuild new homes in the ruins of their old ones

The people of Nepal are still struggling to rebuild their towns and villages after the devastating earthquake of 2015.  After years of civil conflict, public services are much more limited than we are used to in the UK and people routinely have to find their own solutions to problems we couldn’t imagine having.  There is no government water supply to the nunnery, for example, so the nuns have had to dig a series of deeper and deeper wells as water supplies underground have gradually been used up.

The latest borehole was only successful on the third attempt and couldn’t be dug using hand operated methods so heavy machinery had to be used, alongside generators to offset frequent mains power blackouts.  This has been costly for a community that lives very frugally on only the donations it receives.

Tegchen Lekshey Ling

Apple (8) washes up at the tap in the nunnery yard

We have set ourselves a goal in Dechen of raising the £5,200 necessary to pay for this work.  We’d welcome any donations you can make to help us achieve our goal – however small.

You can donate online using a card or Paypal:  support Dechen’s nunnery -Tegchen Lekshey Ling

Alternatively, you can bring cash donations into Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre in Manchester or take them to any of Dechen’s groups and classes around the country.


Visit the website of Karma Thinley Rinpoche or read more about him on our site Our teachers