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Macclesfield buddhist meditationThe six perfections

The Macclesfield Buddhist meditation group is currently running a special course on the six perfections – one of the fundamental practices of Mahayana Buddhism.

While cultivation of the six perfections strengthens practice and brings enlightenment, they are equally applicable to anyone interested in developing a different way of viewing and interacting with the world.

All beings want happiness and want to avoid suffering, but don’t know how to achieve this in a lasting way. The six perfections are fundamental and profound Buddhist teachings that are designed to transform our perspective, taking it from being inward-looking to being skilful and compassionate. This outward-looking perspective removes our fixation on self and paradoxically increases our happiness as we stop clinging to what seems good and rejecting what seems bad.

The course is running over three sessions from July to October 2017, but all are booked up and there is a waiting list.

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Tel: 07590 272536 or 0161 850 4450

Group facilitators

Robin, Andy, Sheila and Ursula.