Images of enlightenment

Drawing and painting thangkas is a rich tradition with a highly sophisticated iconography.  It takes a lifetime of training to become an accomplished artist in this field and is, in itself, a form of meditation  – helping develop a peaceful inner space.

Having said this, Kagyu Ling will be holding a taster session on Sunday 10 June at 1 pm for anyone interested in sampling this ancient art.  It will be suitable for people of all abilities (and none!) and the session will focus on learning how to draw the Buddha’s face in perfect proportion.   There will be some explanation of the basic iconography, philosophy, traditional methods and materials.

To find out a little more, you might wish to read the account  of a participant from an earlier session.

The session will be free of charge, although donations to the Centre are always welcome.

Venue: Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre, 45 Manor Drive, Chorlton, Manchester.