Bristol teaching with an international flavour

Lama Jampa at Bristol teachingJanuary saw around 30 members of our community from the North West travel to Bristol to join Buddhists from the South and South West for the fifth instalment of a teaching by Lama Jampa Thaye.  These sessions, held in Bristol and London over the past year, have given us the opportunity to hear Lama Jampa explain key messages from his own book ‘Rain of Clarity’.  This is a guide to the Buddhist path from the perspective of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism.

The day was cold and bright, with a beautiful sunrise around Worcester on the way down and the teaching room filled all day with vivid golden light.  Lama Jampa taught in front of the flags of International Buddha Day and the International Buddhist Summit.  These were presented to him, along with a beautiful statue of the new born Buddha riding on the back of an elephant, when he was the UK representative at the last International Buddhist Summit.

Bristol teachingThis part of ‘Rain of Clarity’ focuses on how we can use techniques of analytical meditation to help us understand the true nature of reality and reduce our attachment to our ‘selves’ and the things we perceive around us.  It draws on ideas of selflessness put forward by great Buddhist thinkers like Shantideva and Chandrakirti.  The session included a short meditation which allowed us to practice a little of what Lama Jampa was teaching.  This was a very powerful experience in a group setting with around 100 practitioners.

The next part of this teaching will be held in London on 25 March 2017.  This is open to anyone with a serious interest in Buddhism.  Details can be found on Lama Jampa’s own website.