Mind training – Lojong – at Kagyu Ling

Transforming our lives through loving kindness and compassionmind training

From 17 September 2020,  lojong (mind training) sessions will resume on Thursdays at 8pm at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre.

The mind training sessions will also continue to be shared online via zoom every Thursday at 8pm: Lojong zoom link

If you wish to attend the mind training sessions in person, there is no need to book a place in advance.

“Lojong (mind training) is the life force of Dharma practice.” Karma Thinley Rinpoche


Mind training – (Tibetan – lojong) is a system of meditation for developing bodhicitta, the thought of enlightenment. At its heart is the practice of exchanging oneself for others, in which one cultivates loving kindness and  compassion towards other beings. By mentally exchanging one’s own happiness for the suffering of others we cut through the self-clinging that is at the root of one’s own suffering.

‘The Buddha gave many different teachings and instructions according to the abilities and propensities of his students. The methods vary in levels of difficulty and accomplishment, but among the countless dharma practices, lojong is the superlative discipline. It is as priceless as a perfect diamond. Its worth cannot be measured because it is the very key that opens the inner door to enlightenment.’ Shamar Rinpoche.

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