Buddha Day celebration – Lhabab Duchen

Buddha Days at Kagyu Ling

This thangka, which hangs in the hallway at Kagyu Ling, depicts the Buddha and the 16 Arhats

The final Buddha Day of 2023 falls on 4 November and Kagyu Ling will be celebrating with a morning of practice of the Sixteen Arhats sadhana.

Lhabab Duchen – the descent from the gods – commemorates Shakyamuni Buddha’s return to this world from the celestial realms after teaching the dharma to the gods.

On Saturday 4 November there will be three sessions of practice of the Sixteen Arhats sadhana: 9am – 10am; 10.30am – 11.30am and 12noon to 1pm.

People are welcome to attend one, two or all three sessions. You can also join on zoom: Buddha Day zoom.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on the Buddha Day practice, even if you have not taken refuge.  An explanation of the practice will be given. There is no charge to attend, but a suggested donation of £3 would be welcome if you can afford it.

Buddha Days

The Tibetan Buddhist calendar has four main days to commemorate events in the life of the Buddha. It is said that the merit from dharma practice done on these days is multiplied many millions of times.

At Kagyu Ling on these days we recite the praise of the Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha and perform the ritual practice of the Sixteen Arhats. These Arhats were realised disciples of the Buddha who made a particular vow to preserve and protect his teaching.

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