Buddha Day celebration – Lhabab Duchen

Buddha Days at Kagyu LingThe final Buddha Day of 2022 falls on 15 November and marks Lhabab Duchen – the descent from the gods.

At 8pm on Tuesday 15 November at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre the praise of the Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha will be recited, and the ritual practice of the Sixteen Arhats will be performed. The Arhats were the realised disciples of the Buddha who made a particular vow to preserve and protect his teaching.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on the Buddha Day practice at 8pm. People can also join on zoom: Buddha Day zoom.

There are four Buddha Days each year, when Tibetan Buddhists commemorate key events in the Buddha’s life.  It is said that the merit from dharma practice done on these days is multiplied many millions of times.

Lhabab Duchen commemorates Shakyamuni Buddha’s return to this world after teaching dharma for several months in the realm of the Thirty-Three Gods.