Celebrate International Buddhist Day

International Buddhist Day

On one day each year, Buddhists around the world come together to celebrate their shared commitment to the Buddha’s example and teachings on International Buddhist Day. At the heart of this celebration is the veneration of Lord Buddha as a small child riding on a six-tusk elephant.

Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre in Manchester will be marking International Buddhist Day 2019 on Sunday 7 April, when the usual Chenrezi puja will be dedicated to the flourishing of Buddha’s teachings in all its many manifestations.

The puja starts at 10.30am and afterwards we will celebrate in Kagyu Dechen Buddhism North West’s time-honoured way, by eating cake and drinking tea!

Please note that is necessary to have received initiation and instruction from a qualified Buddhist teacher to participate in the Chenrezi puja, although people who have taken refuge are welcome to sit in.