Celebrate Buddha Day – Chothrul Duchen

Buddha Days at Kagyu LingThe first of 2023’s four Buddha Days is Chothrul Duchen on Tuesday 7 March. It marks fifteen days of miraculous powers displayed by Shakyamuni Buddha to subdue contemporary spiritual teachers and to inspire faith in his own followers.

At 8pm at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre in Manchester we recite the praise of the Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha and perform the ritual practice of the Sixteen Arhats (Sixteen Sthaviras). The Arhats were realised disciples who vowed to preserve and protect the Buddha’s teachings.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on the Buddha Day practice at Kagyu Ling even if you have not taken refuge.

You can also join on zoom: Buddha Day zoom.

The other days celebrating events in the life of the Buddha are Sunday 4 June – Saga Dawa; Friday 21 July – Dharmachakra; Saturday 4 November – Lhabab Duchen.

It is said that the merit from dharma practice done on these days is multiplied many millions of times.

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