Coronavirus: Kagyu Ling centre guidelines


Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre ManchesterSeptember 2020

(This document is subject to review, monitoring and revision.)

As we begin the process of once more opening Kagyu Ling and restarting our programme of activities, we have put in place measures to help keep volunteers, visitors and residents safe, and to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.

Below are the specific measures to manage Coronavirus at the centre. These guidelines will be reviewed as government guidance changes.

Arriving at Kagyu Ling

To help maintain Kagyu Ling as a safe environment, the centre will only be open for publicised events.

To help with access and reduce the need to open and shut gates, parking on the drive is restricted to people resident at Kagyu Ling and for deliveries.

Social distancing measures

Social distancing measures have now been instituted at Kagyu Ling and there are now ‘hand sanitiser stations’ located at the entry and throughout the building.

Face coverings are currently required to be worn, by law, in places of worship.

If you come to Kagyu Ling to attend classes, or pujas, you will need to wear a mask on entering and at all times while moving around.

Face masks will be available on the door if needed.

As seating is arranged in the shrine room to be 2m apart, you will not be required to wear a face covering once you are seated.

Volunteers or contractors do not need to wear masks in the building if they are attending meetings, cleaning, decorating or doing repair work, unless social distancing can’t be maintained.

General access has been restricted to the shrine room, reception room and bathrooms.

Seating in all communal areas has been reduced to reflect the maximum occupancy of that space, and the number of people allowed in a space at any one time is clearly marked.

Doors are kept open, to enable free movement and reduce touch points.


The tea-point in the reception room has been removed. Any refreshments will be prepared in the kitchen, by a volunteer.


Access to the kitchen is limited to volunteers preparing drinks etc.

The number of people in the kitchen at any one time is limited to four. Face coverings must be worn, if more than one person is present.

Surface cleaner and paper towels have been provided to assist in cleaning the surfaces and equipment, and all tea towels have been removed.

Volunteers must wash their hands before preparing drinks, food etc.

If you use the kitchen, you must wipe down anything you have touched before you leave.

All used cups etc must be washed up, or placed in the dishwasher.


Every toilet has surface cleaners, paper towels and hand sanitiser.

Toilets will be cleaned at the end of each session, but wipes are available so people can clean before/after use.

Meeting room

The meeting room has been temporarily placed ‘out of use’. This will be reviewed over time.


The office is restricted to essential administration and limited to two people at a time. If there are two people using the office, they must wear face coverings.

It is advised to wipe down surfaces, phone, keyboard etc, before use, but they must be wiped down after use.


The garden is accessible, though social distancing still applies.

Contact information

John and Jonathan can be contacted at:

Mobile contacts:

John: 07845 196 045
Jonathan: 07421 818 642