International Buddhist Day

International Buddhist DayOn April 8 our community’s members gathered for a Chenrezi puja with a special focus as we celebrated International Buddhist Day at Kagyu Ling.

This was the date agreed by the International Buddhist Summit in 2014 as an annual worldwide celebration of Buddhism – serving to unite Buddhists of all traditions in a joint day of veneration of Lord Buddha.

As the beautifully carved statue of the newborn Buddha riding a six-tusked elephant (given to our main teacher, Lama Jampa Thaye, in Japan in 2014) graced the shrine room we were reminded that identical elephant statues would also be the focus of attention of different Buddhist groups throughout the world and we were also reminded of our part in establishing this new tradition.

Following our regular weekly puja, in true Kagyu Ling fashion, we celebrated by sharing a delicious range of homemade cakes baked for the occasion by community members. One sure way to ensure that this relatively new celebration becomes firmly embedded in our Buddhist calendar!

International Buddhist DayInternational Buddhist Day was also a great opportunity to celebrate our links with the Tegchen Lekshey Ling nunnery in Kathmandu.  We were able to present representatives of the nunnery with the proceeds of our recent appeal to cover the costs of digging it a new bore hole.  We have an ongoing campaign to raise money for the nunnery and you can make a donation on this site.