Pujas at Kagyu Ling and online

Shrine room at Kagyu Ling - social distancingRegular pujas are held in the shrine room at Kagyu Ling. 

To take part in pujas you should have taken refuge and received the appropriate initiation and lung (reading transmission) from a qualified Buddhist teacher. The exceptions are Chenrezik and 16 Arhats pujas, where all are welcome to sit in, even if you have not taken refuge or received the initiation. 

Weekly pujas

Chenrezik:  each Sunday at 10.30 am. Also on zoom: Chenrezik puja zoom link  Note: there will be no Chenrezik puja at Kagyu Ling on Sunday 11 December 2022.

Dzambala: each Monday at 8pm.  Dzambala zoom link 

Medicine Buddha (Sanjay Menla): each Wednesday at 12.15pm.  Sanjay Menla zoom link  Note: there will be no Medicine Buddha puja on Wednesday 28 December 2022.

16th Karmapa Guru Yoga: each Wednesday at 7pm. 16th Karmapa zoom link 

Green Tara: each Saturday at 5pm.  Green Tara zoom link  

Lojong practice session: each Thursday at 8pm. Lojong zoom link Note: No Lojong on Thursday 29 December 2022.

Occasional pujas (not zoomed)

Guru Rinpoche: (8pm unless otherwise stated) Thursday 3 November. Practice morning Saturday 3 December 9am onwards; Sunday 1 January 2023 at 12.30pm.

Amitabha: (8pm unless otherwise stated) Wednesday 7 December. 

Dorje Phagmo: (7pm unless otherwise stated) Friday 18 November; Sunday 18 December.

Long Mahakala: (7pm unless otherwise stated) Tuesday 22 November; Thursday 22 December.

Buddha Day – 15 November

The 16 Arhats sadhana is practised at Kagyu Ling on Buddha Days at 8pm.

Tuesday 15 November – Lhabab Duchen: the descent from the gods.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on the Buddha Day practice at 8pm, even if you have not taken refuge. People can also join on zoom: Buddha Day zoom.

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