Pujas at Kagyu Ling and online

From 2 December 2020, pujas will resume at Kagyu Ling. Social distancing continues at the centre and advance booking will be required for some pujas as there is limited capacity in the Shrine Room. Please check out the centre’s Covid-19 guidelines.

Pujas requiring booking to attend in person

Chenrezik:  each Sunday at 10.30 am. Also on zoom: Chenrezik puja zoom link

Guru Rinpoche: Thursday 24 December at 6pm (not zoomed)

Amitabha: Tuesday 29 December at 5pm (not zoomed)

To book a place at a puja, email jonathan.macaskill@dechen.org

Priority will be given to people coming for the first time. Please only attend if you have received confirmation of a place. 

Pujas not requiring booking to attend in person:

Dzambala: each Monday at 8pm.  Dzambala zoom link

Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla): each Wednesday at 12.15pm.  Sangye Menla zoom link

16th Karmapa Guru Yoga: each Wednesday at 7pm. 16th Karmapa zoom link 

Green Tara: alternate Saturdays at 5.30pm Green Tara zoom link 

Zoom only

Lojong practice session: each Thursday at 8pm. Lojong zoom link


To take part in the pujas you should have taken refuge and received the appropriate initiation and lung (reading transmission) from a qualified Buddhist teacher.

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