We’re celebrating your kindness!

Nunnery in NepalThank you for your support!

Over the last month we’ve raised the £5,200 we needed to pay for a new bore hole at the Tegchen Lekshey Ling nunnery in Nepal. In fact, our supporters kept on giving after we hit our target and we will have raised over £7,000 by the time we’ve claimed Giftaid on the donations made by tax payers.

The cost of the borehole was completely unaffordable for a community that lives very frugally on only the donations it receives. Thanks to your kindness, however, the nuns will now have access to clean, safe water for cooking and drinking.

We will be donating the additional money raised to help support the children living at the nunnery who would otherwise be living in very difficult circumstances.

We very much appreciate your generosity- you have helped make a massive difference to the lives of a group of people who live selflessly for others!

To find out more about the nunnery visit the website of Karma Thinley Rinpoche.