Learn how to meditate

Natural awareness
 Learn how to meditate

By learning how to meditate we allow ourselves to remain in the present moment, relaxed and attentive. In this state we connect with our natural awareness, which lies beneath the surface of moving thoughts and emotions. This awareness is the source of true wisdom and compassion.

Settling in the present moment

Most of our problems in life stem from the fact that we are not really grounded in the present moment. Our minds are agitated and so we don’t have a clear vision of what’s happening internally or externally.

With authentic meditation comes a developing sense of ease
and spaciousness in our dealings with the world.

Things that previously seemed to overwhelm us now appear in a new perspective, so that we can see their actual nature. We become more responsive to the situation of others.

Can I learn how to meditate?

The best way to learn how to meditate is to receive some simple instruction from a qualified practitioner. Our meditation classes at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre  and our other groups around the north west are led by friendly, experienced practitioners. The classes enable you to learn a simple meditation technique, which you can then practise yourself at home. There is always plenty of time for questions, conversation and refreshments.

There are meditation classes throughout the week at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre , Manchester, and in other towns and cities in the north west. Anyone is welcome to attend.