Meditation online via Zoom


Online meditation class

If you’d like to try meditation online, join one of our Meditation Zones on Tuesday or Thursday.

Meditation Zones offer the chance to join meditation classes online when it’s not possible to go to a centre. These are open classes and they are free. And all are welcome – whether you’ve got some experience of meditation or Buddhism, or none at all.

The classes are hosted by Kagyu Buddhism groups in the north west. But you don’t need to live in the area to take part – you can join online wherever you are.

First, each session gives an explanation of a simple, yet effective, calming meditation practice. After that there is a brief talk on a key aspect of the Buddha’s teachings.  Finally, each session ends with reflection and an opportunity for questions and answers.

Meditation online sessions

Tuesday 7.30pm (Hosted by the Prestwich and Chester groups): Zoom link for Tuesday Prestwich and Chester  

Thursday 6pm (Hosted by the Central Manchester group): Zoom link for Thursday

The Way of Tibetan Buddhism

If you’d like to know more about meditation and Buddhism, why not join the online sessions starting on 16 March 2021, based on the book ‘The Way of Tibetan Buddhism’ by Lama Jampa Thaye.

The sessions run every Tuesday from 10.30am to 12 noon using zoom.

Each session starts with calm-abiding meditation. You’ll be given guidance on how to sit and settle the mind.  After that, the session will  focus on one of the themes from ‘The Way of Tibetan Buddhism.’ There will then be time for reflection and discussion before another short period of meditation.

This course is hosted by Fylde Buddhist Meditation Group. For more details, check out the Fylde group page. All are welcome.

For more information,  email or phone Peter on 07961 885668.

All the meditation classes are listed in What’s On.

If none of these days or times is convenient, check out the online sessions and classes on Buddhism organised worldwide by the Dechen community: Dechen online classes.

Meditation classes at Kagyu Ling

If you prefer to attend a meditation class in person, you are welcome at Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre in Manchester. Classes are currently held on Wednesdays and Fridays. For details check the Kagyu Ling page, or What’s On

Kagyu Dechen Buddhism

Kagyu Dechen Buddhism NW runs Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre in Manchester and groups across the region. We rely on donations from people attending classes, so please consider this if you join one of the online sessions. You can make a donation here: online donation.